Episode 1 – Napoleon Dynamite

So it turns out that podcasting isn’t as easy as one (i.e. I) might think.  This is our second shot at our first episode; the first try being too full of ums and dead air to be of much use.

This first episode was supposed to be Bad News Bears.  I had notes and talking points all ready to go.  Unfortunately, that film expired on Netflix before we could watch it so, I went to the sparsely populated DVD shelf and chose Napoleon Dynamite instead.  We honestly didn’t have much to say about ole NP making this inauspicious first episode a bit of a clunker.

Maybe skip this one and  wait for next week’s episode when we’ll be talking about the board-game-inspired Battleship. I have a feeling that one will give us a lot more to talk about. Or perhaps you’re the type who doesn’t mind the occasional train wreck.  At least it’s a short episode.